Model Portfolio: Jinri

As usual, I always love having Jinri in front of the lens. 

This particular location has been months in the planning given how schedules had to be aligned for all people involved. It's been getting harder and harder to rally the usual suspects for a shoot with how our work schedules have been getting tighter towards the holidays. As you could see, it's only now I get to update this blog. 

This particular vintage-inspired set was something I just had to do at the venue. The furniture rotates on a regular basis so I had to take this chance before the entire set disappears again at the whim of the homeowner.There's something about vintage looks that never loses its appeal with me. I guess since the tone and feel is already set in a particular time, we didn't have to be too forward into thinking if the shot is apt in a contemporary setting. 

Prior to every fun shoot we do, Jinri and I spend a good time chatting around and picking up pegs to work on. Jinri is collaborative to this extent. The pegs we started with were something she just threw around. It eventually mutated to other layouts as the venue permitted, giving us alot more images in the end than what we originally planned. This "gym" series was based on Khloe Kardashian Complex magazine spread. It was Jinri's idea to work on this look first. 

Lo and behold right beside the gym is a bar. How convenient is that? :P 

Production Credits:
  • Make-up: Ara Fernando
  • Hair: Toni Santos
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Production Design: Raffy Tesoro
  • Model: Jinri Park
  • Special Thanks: Iron Bar @ M House / M House


MH Woman: Rhian Ramos

Just posting some recent work I did last October for Men's Health, featuring one of my favorites Rhian Ramos. The nice guys at Toyota Philippines lent an '86 for us to drive, and it was the few times I get to drive one myself between takes. Hehehe. 

For those who noticed, yes... it was a nod to that Megan Fox Transformers 1 shot of her in front of the car.

There was also a crazy storm passing by, hence you could see water flowing into the partially demolished warehouse. It did lend some effect to an extent somehow until the rain just got too strong. Good thing we wrapped before the worst hit.

The setup was rather simple for this one. Just worked on two (2) strobes, a brolly box and long strip for highlights.


Model Portfolio: Jennifer

Jennifer is an HK-based Vietnamese-Canadian model who finds her way to Manila every now and then. So when's she in town, I make sure we get a session together in the studio.

Where you're shooting is as important as the lights and modifiers you're using. I only used one light all throughout the entire shoot, had a second change of modifiers, but how the light bounced against the ceiling, walls, floor etc... contributed on the overall look of the final shot.

Bear in mind that no single lighting formation would yield the same result. Hence, replicating the exact look and feel (no matter how futile), also entails having to do it in the same location as well. For me, these personal projects are complete one-offs. I can approximate the lighting positions again, but there's always that particular sweet spot during the shoot when light hits your model, producing that unique look reserved just for the session. Though my Asian-fusion concept series did yield a close-enough replication, you would still notice the lighting differences between the models. 

This is has been part of the studio series I've been doing.. and it seems like I'm about to hit a creative threshold soon. A couple of more sessions with strobes, and then you'd find me doing a bit more natural light again. 

Production Credits:
  • Make-up: Carissa Medved
  • Styling: Model's Own
  • Model: Jennifer Nguyen


Asia POP Comic Con: A Late Post

I think I'm one of the last ones to blog about APCC. Better late than never right? Schedules have been crazy so I couldn't find the time to sit down and write something. I'd be posting more photos here instead.

Friday night after con hours, I plucked Monika off to a nearby studio and we did a quick cosplay shoot.

More stuff during Day 3

Finally, Manila gets a feel of what an international con should be.