Wonder Woman 1984

WW 1984 is one of those “tent pole” movies you just needed to watch. Despite the pandemic pushing it several release dates down the line, my excitement to watch it never really waned as it is one of the glimmer-of-hope movies DC would be able to rebuild its limping DCEU with. By the end of the agonizing 2++ hours though, it was painful to admit that everything is back to square one.

The Online Marketplace Chaos

Is there a way to streamline work inquiries in FB Groups? A good number of clients have vague details about their shoot, then would immediately ask for pricing. Us (Suppliers) […]

The Changing Of The Guard

The previous post opened up a Pandora’s Box of insights, which is highly educational for the most part personally. I would like thank all those people who have shared their […]

Ghost in the Shell 2045

Ghost in The Shell lays the foundation for most of the cyberpunk sci-fi TV shows we get enjoy in multitudes. Thanks to its mash-up of philosophical quips with sudden bursts […]