Birdland Jazz and BBQ Nights

The few times Raech and I get to go out with her office mates, we ended up in this obscure jazz club in Makati. Why obscure? It’s in a condo unit. There was this band setup in a residential building. Well, Legaspi Columns in Makati to be exact. It’s called the Birdland Jazzista Social Club

Entrance was P 300.00 and serves mainly as an honorarium to the artists performing that night. Though it gets also you whatever food and drink they have prepared. It is suggested you bring your own booze. We brought up our own bottle of Jack and Coke to serve ourselves. Sharing is welcome. Quite the cozy atmosphere and people are friendly. There are no loud cheering, nor snooty dancing, but bobbing heads with beer at hand enjoying great music. 

This only happens a few weeks of the year when the owner of the condo unit is around. He’s based in L.A. and would only host these events then. The one I attended is 4 of 5 gigs. I should come back next week and bring the 700D to try out its low-light capabilities. They’re planning something in June, but no details have been given yet. 

There’s no straight up advertising about the gigs, and probably just an FB page. From what I heard from talking to people there, they just learned it from good old word-o-mouth. You’d know the shindig is good when you get to hear about it without the aid of social media. 

I doubt if the neighbors would complain though, because it is great music. 

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