Product Review: Canon 700D

Canon EOS 700D / Rebel T5i
Availability: (in Manila) May 2013
SRP (Body Only): PHP 34,998.00
SRP (with 18-55MM IS kit lens): PHP 40,998.00

The guys from Canon Marketing Philippines were awesome enough to lend me one of the first units of the 700D in the country for some testing. Mind you though, my review won’t be as technical as the ones you would see in dpreview. So if you want to see more numbers, I suggest you visit that website. 

This is more of a personal perspective after putting the camera through its paces on a typical week with yours truly.

What you basically get out of the box. The manuals and other paperwork are inside.
A new 18-55MM IS kit lens.  Having an IS on a kit lens was something new for me, but a nifty feature to have nonetheless. Using it was quiet as well.
The form factor is pretty much the same as the 650D. 
Given the contents is more or less standard issue, let’s not bother talking about them in detail. 
One of the significant battle grounds for DSLRs would have to be low-noise profiles, and this is where Canon has made good headway. The cameras have been more efficient in chucking out clean images. Even at ISOs of 1600s and/or above, the grains are smaller as compared to the 800s of previous generations of cameras. The 700D is no exception. I tried it on mundane objects, and results have been clean so far. Would be posting various samples within this coming week showcasing more interesting subjects. The next challenge is shooting with it in low light conditions.

Shot at 3200 ISO, I hardly see any grains at all.

The touch screen controls take a bit of getting used to, but the learning curve is quite fast. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it becomes almost 2nd nature to use. I sort of imagine using a PSP Vita while shooting. The touch screen live-view shooting for me was a cool feature. I tried using the live view on my other cameras, but without the touch screen to complement it, camera operation gets cumbersome. Imagine having to shift the focusing point using only the thumb sticks behind the camera? Focus point shuffling in the jog wheel doesn’t work in live mode (as far as the 1DX is concerned, or least I haven’t discovered it); I’d rather use it the traditional way if that was the case. 

There are also several means of toggling the features (touch screen or the usual control buttons at the back), so it’s up the would-be user what their preferences may be. 

3 cameras sitting in the office
Size comparison with the EOS-M
The camera is small by comparison to its bigger brother models, yet it doesn’t yield to an change in grip as compared to a P&S sized EOS-M. This I guess is a double-edged sword depending on who is using it. I’m just not used to having a pinkie finger not gripping on something for a DSLR. It would take a few days before my hands adjust to a new working engram. 

Would be posting more samples as the days go by. 

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