Awesome Photography and Geeky Weekend

Apologies for the rather lame post title, but there’s really nothing much better to describe last weekend’s events. Spent a full Saturday giving talks and attending Free Comic Book Day, which all happened in the same vicinity. 

First off was a photography workshop arranged by the Accenture Camera Club that morning. I found the timing quite coincidental. I would assume that most of them have heard of the DPP event happening that day. 

The lecture started a bit late due to some technical difficulties, but got off on a good start when I finally had my cup of coffee. 

Yes, I can’t start a talk without some brewed coffee.


They were supposed to have a photoshoot after the talk, but scrapped it to attend the festivities of DPP in Bonifacio High Street instead. After signing a book, a shirt, and some The Jinri Experience photobooks, the interns and I were off to Bonifacio Global City.

Had to naturally stop by the Canon booth. This is me with Assistant Marketing Manager for Canon EOS, JayR Romero.
Canon had a separate smaller stage where other brand ambassadors also gave lectures and demos.

As usual, they had their cool display / samplers of cameras with their huge-ass lenses.
The iconic CANON block letters. I see this during major events of theirs.

My next stop was the Phottix booth. I did a cosplay photography video lecture with them some time back. They were giving away DVDs of the video with my face plastered on the cover. Would be posting a full video of that as well soon. 
Two white chicks and Robocop. Somehow I was waiting for guys of Miami Vice to show up for no apparent reason.

Robocop, Megatron and Iron Man in front of a dune buggy. You don’t see that every day.

Another of my sponsors, Benro made sure their presence was there as well.

The man-of-the-hour, Nick Tuason (DPP Philippines’s Publisher) being interviewed by the media.

DPP 7 resembled more of a small high school fair (with the exception of a bar opening by 5:00PM that afternoon), which was quite a welcome and nostalgic throwback. Various companies had tents and their gimmicks, while there was a main stage where most of the talks were held. I was slated at 1:30PM, but knowing how events go, I didn’t go up stage until about 2:30.

The crowd in the main stage area. Hope alot of people attended mine. I never really counted the heads of the ones listening during my turn. 

Since we got there around 1PM, the heat and humidity were beyond tolerable that that time. Most of the coffee shops in the area were filled to the brim with people escaping the hot weather. Though, given this is an open air event, I would rather have sun than rain right? 

I can’t help but use references of alcohol when people asked about inspiration. I hate to sound like a purveyor of bad influence, but that’s how we got ideas rolling. Hehehe. 

Congratulations DPP! Looking forward to next year already. 

And just when I thought things couldn’t get any better… it was Free Comic Book Day in Fully Booked, just down the road. 

Given the line was already snaking down until the other side of BHS as early as 6:00AM, I have resigned that I won’t get a comic that day. But that didn’t stop me from checking the place out and see some familar faces.
Comic Odyssey is at the 4th floor of Fully Booked.
There weren’t any visible lines anymore, but the place was still packed with comic book geeks / fans just mingling about.
Art for sale!
Stephen Segovia and Heubert Khan doing illustrations for fans.

Check out those cleaned-off shelves.

Oh lookie! Cosplayers! I need to take a gander up front.
They were game to pose for the crowd gathering in front of Fully Booked. Now if they just went to the middle of High Street… 
The view of the DPP Anniversary from Fully Booked.

With those two events wrapped up, I picked up my girlfriend Rachel after her Barre3 class (she’s a part-time instructor in the weekends) that evening. 

I was experimenting with the EOS-M’s built-in filter effects.. this was the Toy Camera

We grabbed a quick dinner in Orale then enjoyed a couple of rounds in Draft. Beer never tasted this good. 

For the lack of Stella Artois and Hoegarden, we tried this out and Becks

 Now that was some long blog entry. Great weekend for the geeks!

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