18th Graphics Expo

The great guys from Canon Marketing Philippines asked me if I could give my cosplay photography talk during the 18th Graphics Expo in SMX last June 22. 
Edwin Martinez, fellow Canon Brand Ambassador was the one presenting before me. He specializes on landscape photography.
Allotted seats were filled to the brink for his talk. 
Canon’s display area. Bigger than the usual.

Lots of images from various camera clubs on display.
I find this expo rather polarized. On one end you see alot of participation from camera clubs, then the rest of trade floor was dedicated to printers and industrial clientele. I didn’t notice a strong “middle ground” of products for prosumers and professionals. Canon, Nikon and Fuji had notable product booths though.

Too bad my visit was rather brief since the talk was sandwiched between commitments, and I wish I would’ve stayed longer. Hopefully they would give me a chance to talk in their functions rooms so I wouldn’t be pressed for time in the future. 

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