Crumpler Shang Opening

The awesome folks of Digits Trading Corporation (the local distributor of Crumpler) invited me to the opening of their latest branch in Shangri-La Mall East Wing. 

I’ve been an avid fan of the brand for quite awhile now (owning several bags myself), and I’ve loved how they get to mix the serious functions of a camera-laptop bag without losing the hip appealing look. 

That too serious design of a camera bag has been my gripe ever since I’ve started shooting. Most of my past bags (prior to Crumpler) were just black, and obviously screaming “I’m a camera bag with lots of gear!”. Crumpler on the other hand, kept that young feel without sacrificing the seriousness of its performance. The designs, colors, and features have all taken into consideration the lifestyle I have, and it’s quite uncanny. 

My Crumpler bags. 

You may underestimate it from first impressions, but the designs match-up well and function against those other “serious” bag brands. I may sound like a PR piece for them, but I’ve been a Crumpler boy even before they got in touch with me. 

The guy presenting is Dave Roper, one of the founders of Crumpler.

I’m taking a Karachi Outpost bag for my trip this coming SDCC. I can’t wait for July already!

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