Cosplay Shoot: Sailor Mars

This version of Sailor Mars is an experiment of sorts. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure of what I was doing half the time. I want to make a mash-up of an anime character, but treated as a pin-up girl. Hence, my earlier dabble with Rachel. I was also curious to see how would Sailor Mars look like when shot like one. 
Yes, because we had to plug the latest steamer iron Ara is using.

Some useless behind the scenes fun.

The lighting formation is very similar to the look technique we’ve developed, but I had to alter it since the costume was reflecting light from the white portions. The posing was also adjusted to fit something Sailor Mars is known for, though we also did some classic pin-up ones as well. 

Would write another entry when the final product is out. 

P.S. Writing this a little bit short since I’m on the way to SDCC as of writing. 

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