SDCC Adventure Day 0: Arriving in San Diego

Left Manila around 7:30 in the morning. After several arduous flights, check points and layovers, I got into LA ahead of schedule around 9:30, of the same day since you lose a day going to the US. 

Good thing I arrived in San Diego on a weekend (Saturday). My cousin Cherry has been based here for the past nine years, so it was great to be greeted with family. Since it was the weekend, she didn’t have work. I also get to stay with her until the start of the convention.

First order of the day was a quick tour of the surrounding parts of the town. 

Got to meet up with Pat and decided to watch Pacific Rim that night and the first meal when I got into San Diego… Arby’s! My long-craved Arby’s!

After watching Pacific Rim, (yes I ended up watching it here in the US, but in an IMAX 3D no less), Pat and I met up with Joe (who’s been in the US a a week ahead of me). We had dinner in the Cheesecake Factory. No, Penny wasn’t there. 

SDCC signage has been peppered all over the city.
This is just the tip of the iceberg, so I would be posting more soon. 

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