SDCC Adventure Day 0: More Shenanigans in San Diego

Since I got some time going around before the con, spent it hanging out with Pat and his friends eating out in various places in town. 

We checked out Slaters 50/50 in Point Loma Tuesday night. It’s called 50/50 since the burger patties are half beef and half bacon. Almost everything in their menu has something to do with bacon in some shape or form. It’s basically a custom burger joint, so you could also make your own burger by ticking off the ingredients in a separate form and give it a name. 

Wait time was quite long since people were flocking to the place for dinner. We arrived right smack into the thick of things despite have a reservation. 

Stella Artois on tap. Of course they should have these things here.
Yes folks, that’s Guinness milkshake. Yummy.
First time for me to taste bacon ketchup… OMG.
I had to back down on the burgers, and ended up getting a mac and cheese.
That’s Meredith and her mac and cheese.
That’s Pat’s monstrosity of a chicken burger.

If there’s something unique about the US is the abundance of food. The serving portions are huge and most drinks are unlimited in almost any restaurant you’d get to eat in. Check out my youtube channel for your regular glimpse behind the scenes! While you’re at it, drop buy the online store and get goodies from your favorite models!

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