Model Portfolio: Rima

I had the chance with work with Rima on a print-ad for a mall some time back, and thought she fit the bill for a Great Gatsby concept that was brewing in my head for quite some time already. I called her up and good thing she was game enough for these kinds of shoots.

Make-up: Ara Fernando
Styling: Yuki Tansengco / Hannah Kim
Model: Rima Ostwani

In case you’re curious on where we got the backgrounds, they’re actually upholstery fabric from places like Shell Canvas. I had them cut and stitched in a manner to make them horizontal rather than just following the original cut of the fabrics. Look for the “ritaso” / surplus sections at the back where they hold sale of fabrics that aren’t enough to make an entire sofa set. 

This is the first formation for the Mola. This is a modified setup of a beauty shot, having a background spotlight and soft diffused highlight coming from camera-left of the image. 

As for the next shot, I adjusted the Mola on a higher angle, added one more strip box kicker light on the right.

The last layout was inspired from this image:
Of course I wouldn’t exactly want to copy the same image, but get the vibe of it nonetheless.

More behind the scenes, courtesy of Ara:

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