Centerfold: The Phottix Workshops

Between shoots and a wedding to attend, I found myself in Robinson’s Magnolia for a talk on pin-up photography c/o Phottix last Sunday afternoon. Talks like these despite having a public setting is better given in a more casual tone. Hence I never really prepare some sort of “presentation” to the audience. Most, if not all the stuff is spontaneous. Hehehe. 

Since this portion is all about getting a hands-on experience with the Indra 500s, you might as well give them the chance than bore the crowd with the usual talk. 

I was more like an events host with information tidbits than a lecturer. When it came to the actual shoot demo… I was quickly forgotten in the crowd. Our lovely models took center stage. Hahahaa… at the end of the day, it was a fun experience getting to share some insights on how we did our pin-up photography work. 

Our special guest model for the afternoon happens to be Beauty Gonzales — ex-PBB housemate and FHM model. Too bad I wasn’t able to stay for the entire duration of the event since I had to dash to a wedding right after. 

Good to see friends and fellow shooters in the industry as well. Hope to see you guys on the next Phottix lighting event workshop!

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