Canon Creativity Classes: SM Manila

I was invited by the good folks at Canon Marketing Philippines to give a talk on one of my favorite topics (other than cosplay) — pin-up. I’m such a sucker for shooting things vintage, and I was more than happy to share whatever I’ve experimented on with curious folk that day. 

Side Note: I’ve made several posts on shooting pin-up, so please feel free to check out my archives for them.

It’s not a major Canon event, as the size of the venue didn’t allow for a big group of people, but I like this way. Gives you a more intimate affair with Canon users and you get to interact with them personally. 

There was also an on-the-spot contest, having our lovely models Reyna and Sidney standing in as our “pin-up” girls for that afternoon. 

Thanks so much to all those who attended and sat out hearing me ramble. Hahaha! See you guys in the next Canon Creativity Classes sessions! 

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