Geekology 2.0: Techniques in Cosplay Photography

I’ve been giving my talks on cosplay photography (thanks to Canon and Phottix) for quite some time, and as a way for me to keep record on what I have been repeating for the past 2-3 years, I thought of writing a 2nd installment to Geekology 101. Instead of your regular picture show-and-tell book, this dives to more theory and technical lighting as compared to the first. 

The new book would come in a dual inverse cover featuring two of my favorite muses, Alodia and Marian. Pages are split between Theory (Alodia) and Workflow (Marian). 

A sneak-peak into one of the setups:

As per my publisher’s suggestion to attach “Techniques in Cosplay Photography” to Geekology 2.0, it turned out to be a good build in hindsight just to separate the contents of the two books from the get-go. 
DPP9: March 21, 2015 @ Bonifacio High Street

The book is now available in National Book Store. 

We’re launching the book this coming March 21, 2015 during DPP9 Anniversary in Bonifacio High Street. I’m giving a technical lighting demo c/o Phottix at 3PM, and book signing happens at 430PM. Click on the link to sign up!

See you guys there!

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