Model Portfolio: Isabel

It’s more of the one-light setups for me again with Isabel. 

I experimented on a mixed lighting scenario for her. We did some strobework, and boosted ambient lighting as you see in the sets that follow.

I wanted to give an extra vintage spin on the typical head shot, but the challenge came when I just used one light for this. Then I remembered those old-school black / white glamour photos and I thought of replicating the same effect. The left shot on the other hand is your typical head shot sans any color grading. 

The next two sets are rather basic, much like how alot of fashion images are lit. They’re not really complicated to begin with, yet what makes them stand out is maximizing a minimalist setting. What you are selling are the clothes, and the model is the “accessory.” 
The last two images of this one-light-against-wall setup is another experiment in replicating vintage editorial work. Simple poses matched with lighting and a touch of color grading for the “old” magazine feel — like the ones you’ve left in the attic after several years. 

The last four (4) images is taken from the same set. The lights in the make-up table at the studio were pretty strong, and I thought of using this as a backdrop for a contrived “behind-the-scenes” shot. I used a strobe placed camera right behind Isabel giving that highlight on her shoulder, at the same time using its bounce to work as my main light. This kind of lighting gives a drama in an image, accenting the highlights. Based from experience though, this only works in on-location scenes, and not in straight up studio shot. I use this technique alot in Men’s Health shoots. 

The last image though was a happy accident. It was a test shot where the flash didn’t fire at all. In hindsight, I personally found it better than the actual shots for the layout. 

Production Credits:

  • Make-up: Jet Babas
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Model: Isabel Blaesi

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