Model Portfolio: Jinri

Jinri would easily be in my top muses list. Always awesome to experiment with various looks and concepts with her. So here’s one where we toyed around some mish-mash of contemporary Chinese- in a modern setting house.

I was just working with one (1) for most of the shoot since the glass walls went up as high as the 2nd floor. We had all the light we needed even as the afternoon pushed on. My strobe was powered down and placed on the far end of the house.

Working with natural light means working against time. Light shifts in direction, temperature and texture as the day progresses, and it’s all about maximizing each moment. There are chances when you had to throw out your current idea because you’ve already missed the opportunity to shoot it right.

I can’t really give a straight up lighting tutorial on this one, except for some guides in searching for that perfect setting.

Ara did an awesome job with Jinri’s make-up. This look reminded me of Ayumi Hamasaki, some popular J-Pop singer.

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  • Never get transfixed in just one spot for that moment. Like I said, time is against you. If it doesn’t work, simply move on. You could revisit that layout in the middle of the shoot if you want.
  • Never settle for physical setup of your venue at face value. There are lots of ways to work around the setting to maximize your shooting potential.
  • Favor the light to your model’s best angle.

Production Credits

  • Make-up: Ara Fernando
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Model: Jinri Park

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