Model Portfolio: Asian Fusion Mash-up (Jinri / Chelsea / Cherry / Mayumi)

It all started with this peg Jinri showed us prior to her scheduled shoot that got the ball rolling into this series of Asian mash-ups. In a sense, I would have to credit her for the overall creative direction. Of course like any other peg out there, its life more or less dies out during the shoot proper. We thought of pegging the base on a Japanese look then fusing it with other Asian influences on the accessories.

Hannah was pretty much on her own in pulling off the details of the look. Certain parameters we just set to establish a uniformity for all shots. The common look between all of them are the summer kimonos, black swimsuits, and obis.

I’ve posted Jinri’s in a previous entry so if you’ve been following the blog, you’ve seen this set.

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The styling palette pretty much dictates the overall tonality of the shot. In the case of Jinri, the blue kimono gave that strong look which also dictated the color of her lipstick. If you want to push the concept description further, this is somewhat like a winter kind of look. In contrast, you have Chelsea’s look that’s alot softer and youthful — spring.

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For Cherry’s stronger contrast, it reminded us of summer.

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Lastly for Mayumi, this was quite a challenge giving a interpretation to fall, given most Japanese fashion is colorful. We had to settle for a bit of duller hue of purple. So, I’d say this is a very loose interpretation. Hehehe.
We did some some more Asian-inspired stuff outside of the set, and some basic headshots as well. You could see which models we did have some extra time with.

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Ara Fernando (Jinri) / Jet Babas (Mayumi, Chelsea) / Syd Dagal (Cherry)
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Models: Jinri Park / Cherry Kubota / Chelsea Robato / Mayumi Yokoyama

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