Model Portfolio: Jennifer

Jennifer is an HK-based Vietnamese-Canadian model who finds her way to Manila every now and then. So when’s she in town, I make sure we get a session together in the studio.

Where you’re shooting is as important as the lights and modifiers you’re using. I only used one light all throughout the entire shoot, had a second change of modifiers, but how the light bounced against the ceiling, walls, floor etc… contributed on the overall look of the final shot.

Bear in mind that no single lighting formation would yield the same result. Hence, replicating the exact look and feel (no matter how futile), also entails having to do it in the same location as well. For me, these personal projects are complete one-offs. I can approximate the lighting positions again, but there’s always that particular sweet spot during the shoot when light hits your model, producing that unique look reserved just for the session. Though my Asian-fusion concept series did yield a close-enough replication, you would still notice the lighting differences between the models.

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This is has been part of the studio series I’ve been doing.. and it seems like I’m about to hit a creative threshold soon. A couple of more sessions with strobes, and then you’d find me doing a bit more natural light again.

Production Credits 

  • Make-up: Carissa Medved
  • Styling: Model’s Own
  • Model: Jennifer Nguyen

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