Cafe Crawl: Go Bento


It’s found in the middle of Bonifacio High Street, right across the Nike store. For it’s kind, it sticks out like a sore thumb from the rest of the restaurants, but I guess that makes it noticeable. Decided to check it out one afternoon while waiting for the wife.

It takes the kombini food experience in Japan and turns it into a novelty experience. Once you step in, it does a good job in suspending disbelief that you’re in some convenience store in Tokyo. Reminds me of the food section in Family Mart (Japan), but expanded. All the cold food such as noodles and sushi are pre-prepared and available on the shelves via self-service.  For hot dishes like soup, tempura and sukiyaki, you line up along this upscale looking canteen after the shelves for your serving. Before you pay, there’s a small section for snacks and other Japanese sweets.

Food quality is pretty decent, but servings are a little on the conservative side. The salmon sashimi was in a snack size rather than a meal in itself. The salad was a little thin in serving as well. Perhaps the only thing that was worth the money is the soup. Unfortunately, for food presented to you ala take out and service, no matter how cute is not worth the price.  You’re better off eating in Little Tokyo for the same price if not less. At the very least, I was expecting service water given the price you pay for.

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You can try it once for the ambiance if you want have a slight taste of a Japanese feel but you’re better off eating in an actual sit-down Japanese restaurant for the bill you eventually pay for this novelty.

Go Bento
Address: 9th Ave.,Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City
Business Hours: Monday-Sunday 11AM-10PM

A Cafe Crawl is something my wife and I would do on a regular basis. We’d check out places to eat and chill within the Makati and BGC areas. We started off with bars, cafes and restaurants within our immediate vicinity, and walked it most of the time hence the alliteration of “cafe crawl” started. It has then extended itself to nearby neighborhoods within 15 mins driving / Uber-ing distance, traffic notwithstanding. Disclaimer: I have no ties whatsoever with the places I review, nor I get free meals out of these. I pay for my own bill so I have no bias towards or against the establishment. I really just write them for the sake of writing them. 

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