Cafe Crawl: Bag of Beans (Twin Lakes)

Okay, so this is not your typical Cafe Crawl since you would have to trek about 1.5 hours (on good traffic conditions) out of Manila for this. I know Bag of Beans has become synonymous to Tagaytay, but this particular branch was interesting enough to visit. It was also the stopover we took coming from a shoot in Batangas. It’s way past Tagaytay City and already in the Laurel vicinity so don’t bother looking for any landmarks anytime within the city limits.

The interiors of these newer branches is a bit more manicured from the original one most of us know. The original Bag of Beans was an eccentric motley of extended areas seemingly to have mutated out from a simpler makeshift home / restaurant. Don’t get me wrong, that place has a character of its own, and still worth to eat in if the waiting time is still bearable. This country theme befits places like these pretty well, though gets more faux the longer you stare at them. It’s not something that bothers me though.  The bakery / country store + cafe combination has been the staple formula for most if not all places in Tagaytay too. If you’re satisfied with your meal, there’s a big chance you might just swig off knick knacks from their store on the way out.


Food is above average, and servings are good for two (2) people. It also came out fast, which is a big factor to me. Though the waiter who serviced us wasn’t that knowledgeable of the menu offerings and had to go down the kitchen just to ask for the soup of the day. It’s a slight pet peeve of mine, and I tend to look for these nuances. Not a deal-breaker though; maybe it’s this OC side of me kicking in every now and then.  Asides from that, service was quite attentive.

Price-wise though, it has become more expensive in exchange for the ambiance.

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It’s something I don’t mind going out of town for, time and traffic notwithstanding.

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