Model Portfolio: Karen

Some outtakes from my shoot with Karen for FHM Philippines last year. Thought of making these outtakes available since not all of the images were in the magazine or online. This is one of the first shoots I did at a friend’s house, which has become one of my regular go-to places for modeling portfolio entries. The availability of natural light at this place makes it conducive for natural light glamour shoots — which has been quite a favorite style of mine as of late.

The living room was just walled with glass from the floor up, so it was just streaming with light despite overcast weather. My working ISO for this shoot was ranging between 100-800, and good thing my trusty 5D Mark 3’s grain profile is pretty  good. It was relatively clean at 800 still, but most people would already know this fact.

I never really learned how to shoot with natural light until later in my (supposed) working career. I learned how to use strobes in the beginning, and got comfortable with them first. My biggest mistakes before was forcing to use strobe lighting on treatments that was really meant for natural light. It was like jamming a square peg into a circular hole. I was racking my brains figuring out how to replicate such soft lighting with gear that doesn’t match.

One factor was my limitation in lenses. I know the quick argument about keeping with budgets and all, but lenses compared to camera bodies are for a long haul investment. I suggest saving up for a really good ‘fast’ lens that you could use for years, versus an entry level one you might eventually outgrow from. Lenses such as Canon’s L lens line have a constant aperture of F2.8 despite what focal length you set it. Other lenses set limits at 4.5-5.6 depending on the focal length. Ones with 2.8 and larger apertures by rule of thumb (and experience) have better glass. When I finally got my hands on an L lens, it was a difference I couldn’t let go. I’ve been using the same set of L lenses for more than 5 years. If you do a rough ROI, the lens would’ve already ‘paid’ for itself not just in monetary, but in photo quality terms.

Photo Gallery

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You can read up on Karen’s interview here.

Production Credits

  • Make-up: Charlie Manapat
  • Styling: Model’s Own / Hannah Kim (MIA)
  • Model: Karen Amry
  • Publication: FHM Magazine (May 2015)

2 thoughts on “Model Portfolio: Karen

  1. Good day sir/idol Jay! I’ve been a fan of you since 2011 when I was introduced to photography. 5 years passed here I am still in awe of your works. I’ve been trying to avoid shooting portraits but when I looked at the pictures I produced way back up until now, I realized I like portraiture. Now that I’m trying to establish my own name and business, I’d like to ask you for tips sir, if that’s okay with you. I hope you can help me sir. Thank you po very much!

  2. Mabait At Sobrang Accomodating Yan
    My Favorite FHM Babe
    Karen Amry
    Tuloy Lang Ang Ligaya
    Rock And Roll

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