Travel Bug: Tokyo 2016 Visual Diary

Going to Japan has always been a creative pilgrimage for me every year and I never get tired taking pictures of this city.  So this is a visual diary of my latest trip to Tokyo last March. We did the Nakasendo Highway in Kisu Valley as a highlight of this trip, but those images came before this entry.  Of course this was all shot with my trusty Canon M3.

What I thought was the start of spring, turned out to be the tail end of winter. We weren’t prepared for the weather. Ended up having to buy the end-of-season sales from Uniqlo since it was already entering Spring. But coming from a tropical country, even spring would come off as cold.

We went back to Sarashina Horii, a heritage restaurant sandwiched between the Azabujuban and Roppongi Hills stations. A “Heritage Restaurant” is a title the Japanese government awards if you’ve been in business for more than 100 years. Apparently, this place has been around for more than two centuries. I found out about this restaurant after Anthony Bourdain visited it in an episode of No Reservations.

The usual soba I get to experience in Manila are the brown pre-packed ones like pasta. What makes this soba different asides that it’s freshly made every morning, is the texture and color. It’s whiter than usual even if it’s labeled as the “brown” variant.





We spent the rest of the trip going back to the usual places we visited in Tokyo like Omoide Yokocho and Akihabara. There is just so much to soak up doing street photography in Japan. Next time around, I should take the Yamanote line and go down every station and shoot for an hour and hop back.

Travel Tip: Between the two (2) airport servicing Tokyo, it would be best to land in Haneda which is closer to the city. Not only is the train ride shorter to Shinjuku, but the fare is cheaper as well (Y 650 vs. Y 4,000.00 on a reserved seat on the NEX). The number of transfer is just the same, though the ride isn’t a comfy as NEX. 

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