Model Portfolio: Rachel

This was something I did for FHM Philippines some years ago, but still remains as one of my favorite shoots.  Rachel was modeling on the side since she was in the country for quite accompanying her boyfriend who was assigned to work in Manila. It was rather unfortunate I caught the tail end of her stay. She would’ve been one of our regulars if not for that. Making the best of  it, we did a couple of test shoots then got her an editorial in the magazine to top things off.

You know me and how much I’m such a sucker for anything retro. I’d gladly pull of a concept based on these things.  The location happens to be  Shutter Space Studios, which had its own collection of retro stuff thanks to the owner.  The loft in the main studio area had quite an impressive collection of old-school cameras and vinyl records.  Heck, there was a even a working Atari console in the place!

I just love it when your model fits the concept. Make-up and stylist don’t need to push the look too much, and everything seems to jive. Makes your job shooting alot easier and fun.

Photo Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Makeup: Janina Dizon
  • Hair: Donald Lapez
  • Styling: Telay Robles
  • Publication: FHM Magazine (August 2013)

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