Model Portfolio: Sofia

Sofia was a model referred to me through referrals from her contemporaries in the industry. Managed to have a couple of hours in the studio with her one afternoon.

I did something different for this shoot session, particularly with the head shots: utilizing a shallow depth of field. I was working with an aperture of F2.8 for this set, giving me this dreamy blur effect except for the eyes which was my focus point. I don’t do this often since there is a chance where the camera focuses on another part of the face, throwing off all the rest of the image.

The rest of the shoot was the usual rundown of the locations we do around the studio, so this wasn’t any rocket science in terms of lighting. The natural light coming into the venue solved most if not all of the shots.

Photo Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Cay Donato
  • Styling: Model’s Own
  • Model: Sofia Miguel

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