Model Portfolio: Natalia

This shoot was quite a sudden arrangement since Natalia was just here for a week. She was introduced to me from a common contact in the industry. It was great she was down for a folio shoot in a short notice. Did a medley of my bread and butter one-light formations in the studio, mainly working on changes in light direction.  The gray background gradient was something of a recent favorite…getting various tapered versions of them just by playing between the distances of model, light and background. The modifier I used is just your run-of-mill beauty dish. I propped up my white cloth background for the back-lit series and bounced the light back with two 4×8 feet styroboards. My last setup with using a ring flash, on a bare reflector. Good thing Natalia was trooper and didn’t really complain about the rings around the eyes after this set. This light is notorious for leaving models dazed for a few minutes after the layout.

As for post production, I’m such a sucker for grain and making the image look raw. Thanks to the now-free Nik Collection from Google.

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Production Credits

  • Make-up / Hair: Jet Babas
  • Styling: Hannah Kim (MIA) / Model’s Own
  • Model: Natalia LaLonde

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