Model Portfolio: Yuri

I saw Yuri from a shoot Mayumi had some time ago, and I just had to ask for a referral. With some schedule bouncing here and there, we finally had her on camera. Yuri projects this smile that can be both inviting and innocent, which is a major come-on for most of her admirers in social media. It was something gravure books are made of so you could see she was an immediate shoe-in at the start of the shoot.  Would be interesting to step this one up into a full blown photo book down the line given the right circumstances.

As for technicalities, there is nothing much to talk about since this a naturally-lit shoot.

Photo Gallery

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I have this bias shooting with the Asian look with models such as Jinri, Cherry and Chelsea appearing often in my model portfolio posts. Even my concepts revolve around Asian concepts more often than not too. I guess it’s the increasing influence out of visiting Japan on a regular basis. On a side note, Yuri is also a haafu. With her Japanese side is more prevalent, she can be a good candidate for local gravure book some time in the future.

Production Credits

  • Make-up: Jet Babas
  • Styling: Model’s Own / Hannah Kim (MIA)
  • Model: Yuri Choii

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