Model Portfolio: Jinri

I did a shoot with Jinri for a magazine advertorial some months ago. I stopped short of taking shots enough to produce an entire chapter for a gravure book. We had that much material from the get-go. I always get inspired getting to shoot in a new venue, so this one got me stoked no matter how small the location may be. Speaking of which, this was done a condo, but a well furnished one at that hence lots of props and little nooks to work with. The challenge though was having to move around with the amount of crew also crammed in the small space. It was like a game of musical chairs where everything, including the make-up kit had to move each time we picked out a new spot to shoot in.

The styling may be simple, but it’s these concepts where I have the most fun shooting. No big production sets, just an “intimate” interaction with the model. Intimate is relative, since we had like 10 other people in the same space.

Thanks to jiujitsu, this girl’s body is just rockin’ it. Just had to say to it.

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Fred (Hair Shaft)
  • Styling: Dana Santos
  • Model: Jinri Park

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