Ruin Your Childhood

This was originally inspired from a swimsuit illustration of Chun Li I saw in San Diego 2015.  I was hawking around the UDON booth trying to find a poster or any other collateral where I could get my hands on that illustration, but it was just a one-off piece they did for the tarps during the convention. What it did though was leave me inspired to shoot another Chun Li cosplay.

Given my past work with Jinri cosplaying the Alpha version, she was an automatic shoe-in for this shoot.


After posting this image, one dude coincidentally commented, “well that ruined my childhood…” That line gave me and Jinri an idea of pushing on with this concept so we started mining particular anime characters in the 80s  / 90s. This hits the childhood of a particular demographic mind you, the nerds and geeks of such era.

You can find a similar feature from FHM Philippines here with me basically narrating the same story, but with added behind the scenes.

Prints and canvas frames are available at the online shop. Get yours now just in time for the signing this coming weekend! Jinri can sign those personally.

Photo Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Make-up: Ara Fernando
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Costume Production: Badj Genato
  • Art Direction: Allan Montayre
  • Production Design: LA Marimat
  • Model: Jinri Park

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