Model Portfolio: Jinri (US)

For the third book, we were fortunate enough to continue our shoot in Los Angeles and San Diego (during Comic Con week). We made good use of the time shooting whatever we brought over. It’s not all the time when you can produce a gravure book out of the country you know. We worked with a very minimal crew, which basically consisted of me, Jinri and Pat going around town.  Few times when Jinri had to do her own makeup for a shoot and styling chores were between the both of us. But that’s the charm of a gravure shoot to begin with. Having just you and the model gives alot more freedom of just spontaneously shooting minus the baggage of a bigger crew. In San Diego, we just put our bags underneath the pier and just shot away. One significant difference, the beach crowd did not care. Unlike Manila where the moment you whip out a camera (a DSLR at that), a small crowd would immediate gather behind just to gawk at whatever you were doing. In the US, either people mind your privacy or were indifferent. Having a small crew also left a small attention foot print.

Light is alot more constant in the northern hemisphere, and their summer sun lasts longer. Afternoon sunsets don’t happen until 7PM, which gave me more than ample time to have consistent looking images, without having to adjust drastically on-cam. The weather is more on dry heat so when the sun hits you hardly break a sweat but don’t realize the dehydration happening underneath. I never realized the tan and eventual sun burn until days after walking under the sun. I ended up with an ugly t-shirt tan.

The images made were just between me, Jinri and a camera. We had a reflector on-hand, but never got to use it. The light was that good as long as you have good working knowledge of where it places itself throughout the day. It’s also about utilizing natural reflectors, such as light bouncing against the sand, or a window back light. It was just awesome having this kind of light. Makes you want to shoot all day too.






Photo Gallery

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Production Credits

  • Make-up / Model: Jinri Park
  • Swimwear: CESA, Wear Sundae
  • Special Thanks: Pat Loika / Lovine Gopez

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