Cosplay Shoot: Sailor Moon

We’ve been posting a series of Sailor Senshi images over the past few months. Given our work schedules (since our team only gets to do this in between jobs), the releases haven’t been that consistent to say the least. Hehehe. Still quite satisfying whenever an image gets out of the image factory. Here’s a third helping of Alodia donning Sailor Moon. Took a page from how other cosplay shoots were done, using a “stunt / body” double as a human block for Alodia to set her knee on. You’d see more of that in the behind the scenes footage. Our production designer Carlo gamely took one for the team and luckily had his airsoft garb with him in the car.


Production Credits

Check out our behind-the-scenes of the shoot here:

Of course, just for the heck of it, I’m also posting the rest of the Sailor Senshi we did in the past.

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