Model Portfolio: Hilary

Fit is the new sexy. Hilary is one of those who epitomizes that. Personally, that’s my personal preference. There’s nothing sexier than abs baby. You know she worked her ass off to get those. This is one of those simple test shoots working with one Phottix Indra light set in the studio. I know, what’s a portable strobe doing in a place where you can just tap into the power outlet, right? Well, at least I get to carry the light around without the fuss over tripping on cables or having to find another outlet in case the cord got stretched too long.

I also wanted to play with harsher shadows so I propped her up against the wall. The Indra was hoisted up combi-boom stand placed far from us to give off a smaller light source.  As for the treatment, I got a bunch of Lightroom and Bridge presets and just toyed around with them.

I know this is months backdated, but forgive me if I just found the time to write some stuff for the blog. Past few months have been crazy working on a new exhibit and the startup.  


[supsystic-gallery id=44 position=center]

Production Credits:

  • Make-up: Kiko Escobar
  • Styling / Model: Hilary Isaac

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