Cosplay Photography Round Up

With summer fast approaching (if not already here), here’s a quick rundown of the cosplay images we have released this Q1, 2019:

It’s only as of late when we get to pump out cosplay shots on a regular basis, given we all do this for fun and in between jobs. For those who have missed how we pulled off some of these images, check out the video links to my YouTube!

If you also notice, both Rikku and Yuna cosplay images have been updated with Paine added in the background. Was able to find a Paine cosplayer as of late, and good thing Dinny and Foxrots were game enough to go back to the studio and shoot again for material.

Check out my youtube channel for your regular glimpse behind the scenes! While you’re at it, drop buy the online store and get goodies from your favorite models! For those interested in my commercial work, check out and follow us at @pointblankmnl in IG.

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