Cafe Review: Antipodean

One thing I love about living in the Legazpi Village area is having access to neighborhood cafes on foot. We’ve seen a couple come and go over the years, and it’s always a welcome treat when a new one opens up. Nine months in the making, and we have Antipodean just around the corner. Nine months as their management said because it took that long for them to get this joint off the ground due to permits and construction work schedules. But it was worth the wait.

The al fresco section is a novelty, and not common among the cafes around the area where they AC the entire place. It’s a good place to hang out if you want to people watch during the weekends. Weekdays though is another story… it’s like sitting in a fishbowl for the entire world to see, especially with the Makati traffic cramming itself up on Legazpi Street. All is good though, just know when you want sit outside.

Food may be on uppity side as this isn’t your usual office lunch crowd, but the serving and quality is worth it. The entire menu is listed in a black board as part of their interior design, and might be a bit difficult to navigate, even having eaten there several times. As much as I wanted to be adventurous with my meals, I ended up going for my usuals. I hope there is a way for them to highlight some of their dishes faster for people.

Coffee is also good, which is a major factor for me whenever I pick out my perching spot for remote working, but the seats aren’t a comfortable unless you’re lucky enough to sit on the sofa end. Make sure your battery is also full charged as I didn’t see reachable plugs around.

Great for friends out, and perhaps a coffee date. Though working there on a laptop might give you some strain on your back, but that’s just me.

Lots of interesting stuff on the menu, make sure you try them all.

The place happens to be dog-friendly too! They serve water bowls for our 4-legged best friends.

Antipodean Coffee
G/F Paseo de Roxas Building
Legazpi St., cor Gil St.,
Legazpi Village, Makati City

Open from 7AM-11AM Monday-Saturday, 7AM-9PM Sundays

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