Woman of Interest: Rian

1st thing you would doodle on a piece of paper?
I usually start with the head guide and perspective lines (if there are any backgrounds!)

What’s the most essential pen / pencil you can’t live without?
Mmmmm… I know I’m a color maniac but I guess I use my Kurutoga mechanical pencil the most! It sets the base work for most of my paintings!

Who are your art inspirations?
Oh wow, I can go on a whole day about this! haha Well clearly I’m mostly primarily influenced by Lisa Frank, whose art I grew up with in the 90s! I also have Sailor Moon and Cardcaptor Sakura to thank for my fascination for anime. Most recently I really enjoy watching through all of Studio Trigger’s works! In illustration, I really look up to Aki Akane, Krenz Kushart, Bao Pham, Chisato Tatumi. In comics/manga: Shirahama Kamome, Kaoru Mori, Yusuke Murata, Jorge Molina and Bengal! <3

Your popularity as an artist steadily rose with your Archie comics gigs, how did you end up making the covers for such iconic characters?
Well it all started with a fan art I did of the gang! Jonathan Betancourt, the Operations Manager then saw it and contacted me for a Betty and Veronica cover through email! Still can’t believe it! <3

How did that progress to doing stuff for Marvel? 
Marvel is a different story! I submitted my work for a portfolio review during the first ever APCC then which is like 3-4 years ago I believe. I got shortlisted for an interview with CB Cebulski! Having been able to get interviewed but him, I thought I was surely getting a cover then but that wasn’t the case. I had to submit sample cover art and personal paintings every month for the next 2 years until I got my first connecting cover gig for Marvel Rising! It was frustrating at first but I reminded myself how bad i want it, and I powered through countless rejections. In the end, it was all worth it! I have 4 covers coming out soon! 🙂

Any wrist exercises before drawing?
None oh my gosh I’m terrible at this haha

Have you ever produced your own character?
I do draw original art for my personal project 90’s Candy Cuties! <3 My dream is to one day exhibit them at a gallery!

Dream comic book writer to work with on a title?
Oh gosh that’s a tough one! Well having been blown away by Paper Girls, I guess I’d love to work with Brian K. Vaughan or Mariko Tamaki! Locally, I’m a huge fan of Arnold Arre! 🙂

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