New Normal Photography: Shooting Food at Home

Welcome to the “New Normal” shoot sessions. Let’s face it, photography (among other industries) have been upended from the ripple effects of Covid19. We are all feeling the economic hit of being at home most of the time. Like most freelancers / professionals like myself, our businesses thrive on human connections. With all of that thrown out of the window, circumstances call for us to be creative at how we go about our livelihoods.

I also got the chance to do a commercial shoot under MECQ circumstances and learned things the “hard way.”

So, a good number of photographers like myself have started shooting from home, and making the best of what we can shoot off the top of our tables or the floor. That would be products and food. Would-be clients can send over their products, and we shoot.

This shoot was for Love Miss Baker Manila, whom my wife has ordered cookies from before. We loved her stuff, and asked if we can collaborate on a shoot-for-content arrangement.

Me and my trusty Canon EOS-R camera.
Asides from the shoot, I also got to try out ASUS latest entry level Pro Art monitor, the ProArt PB247. More on that in an upcoming video.
Looks like Yuna wasn’t that interested with the food. Silly dog. Who wouldn’t want chocolate chip cookies?! Well you can’t give those to a dog.

I did a last-minute run at Japan Home Center and got some wooden cutting boards. Our “client” sent over excess ingredients and the napkins. The rest were sourced from borrowing and finding whatever is there in the cupboards.

Lighting is as basic as it could get. I used two strobes on this setup to give me the main light, and a highlight on certain parts of the food. The rest of the gear were just styrofoam boards.

With all said and done, here are the results of that afternoon shoot. “Styled” by my better half.

Special thanks to Love Miss Baker Manila for collaborating with us on this shoot.

If you are an upstart food seller, and would like to collaborate. Please get in touch!

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