Shoot For Friends Initiative

#shootforfriends is this initiative Raech and I (it was more her idea) thought of during the earlier parts of the stricter quarantine. I know most of us have started our own side selling hustle (we even have coffee for sale), and this was one way of helping out our friends (the ones we know personally) get more attention for their products. The challenge was being creative enough to use limited props we have stocked in our pantry / cupboards while at the same time varying the images so they wouldn’t look the same every time we shoot for a new “client”. I had to work with the limited amount of products sent over, and Raech had to ramp up her “food styling” ? ? ? skills quickly.

Probably one of my personal favorites from the shoots so far. I was completely surprised at how this image turned out.

We collaborated with the stakeholders and gave some loose guidelines on how we conducted our shoots. Mainly, these were done during weekends only as this was the best time for both of us to work. Most of the styling efforts came from our end, but we did ask for product specific props for some. For those who are familiar with my work, I mainly shoot advertising, lifestyle and cosplay. Yes, I shoot food too, but not alot of people know that except of colleagues in the advertising industry.

Looks so good, you wouldn’t realize it’s dog biscuits.

All these images were humbly prepared on top of our dining table, lit with a few lights, and shot with my trusty Canon PH EOS-R. Proofing the colors wouldn’t have been possible without some help of some nice monitors from ASUS Philippines HQ too. I had to sneak in a shot of the coffee for the ones we sell. Hehehe.

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