This was fun. When you get sunlight hitting against the adjacent building, it makes for a soft glow and feel in the room you’re shooting in. Should get more of […]


More experiments with single light setups. Good thing Kimerlyn is such a sport waiting for me fumble around with the setup I shoot with. Challenges with one-light setups is hitting […]


I did this shoot specifically for a Canon masterclass where I featured my trusty EOS R, and how it’s neat eye-tracking feature makes shoots easier for me to do.


Angel is one of those fresh faces you’d love to work with. Endearing to the camera, and automatically moves along without much direction. I experimented with a Chiaroscuro-ish feel for […]


I didn’t realize this shoot would have some sort of visual relavence vis-a-vis this quarantine. One of those very basic shoots with my model friend Ange. She hasn’t been modeling […]


Finally another image coming out of “post-production purgatory.” We did the shoot for Mantis a few months back, and intentionally shelved it as it didn’t have sufficient materials to complete […]


One of those spur-of-the-moment collaboration shoots. I usually get to work with Trina’s sister Bea (and even had them together), but for this time around, we had Trina on solo. […]


And so I’m back doing these day-in-the-life portraiture shoots, which can also double as street fashion in some instances. We met Natsuki through common friends. This was done around the […]


This was some shoot I did back with the cute girl-next-door Yuri Choii. First time for me to work with her in a studio session actually, despite the number of […]

End of an Era

When people use to ask how I started, without skipping a beat, I would always say with magazines. It was through publications where you get your name and work out […]

Travel Photography

Travel photography has always been therapeutic and a great source of inspiration. You get to explore new places, meet new people and create a unique sense of reality through the images you […]

Model Portfolio: Katrina

A few more of the one-light studio series I’ve done, and my knack of doing some semi-vintage look shots. Katrina was brought into the shoot through another model I worked […]

Model Portfolio: Holly

This post is really #NSFW. So if you are in a public space or in your office, I highly don’t suggest going any further. Oh yeah, make sure you’re over […]

Model Portfolio: Jinri

Jinri would easily be in my top muses list. Always awesome to experiment with various looks and concepts with her. So here’s one where we toyed around some mish-mash of […]

Model Portfolio: Isabel

It’s more of the one-light setups for me again with Isabel. I experimented on a mixed lighting scenario for her. We did some strobework, and boosted ambient lighting as you see […]

Model Folio: Cherry

Cherry has been one of our favorite go-to models. She was already one of our pretty guinea pigs back in the day when Raffy and I used to experiment with […]

Centerfold: The Phottix Workshops

Between shoots and a wedding to attend, I found myself in Robinson’s Magnolia for a talk on pin-up photography c/o Phottix last Sunday afternoon. Talks like these despite having a […]

Model Portfolio: Anthea

My test shoots nowadays consist of either natural light or a single light source. These are shoots I don’t want to be spending much of my time trying to pull […]

Model Portfolio: Jinri

This is the nth time Jinri and I have worked on a folio shoot, but you would never tired working with this babe. She’s always a trooper in doing something […]

Model Portfolio: Apple

This was one shoot that happened out of serendipity. I was in between ad campaign jobs, and it so happened that one free day was sandwiched in between.  Apple messaged me […]

Tokyo: Inspiration City

Tokyo never ceases to inspire me. It’s a city that has both feet planted in reality and fantasy. For most Japanese, Tokyo may be a normal place in their daily […]

DPP 8th Anniversary

I know, I know… it’s been awhile since I last wrote something in blog. But in this sunny Sunday afternoon, I finally found the time and stuff to write. So […]

Model Portfolio: Rima

I had the chance with work with Rima on a print-ad for a mall some time back, and thought she fit the bill for a Great Gatsby concept that was […]

Candy Beauty Shots

It was one of those concepts I never get tired of revisiting. I’ve done this concept years ago, and wanted to revisit it again and see something has changed in […]

Fun With A Mola

First time I saw a Mola was in 2 Stops Brighter Studios, two years ago when we did our first cosplay shoot in the US. The owner, Philip Stark (I […]

Canon Photomarathon: University Edition

Think you got what it takes? The first ever Canon Photomarathon University on-the-spot photography competition is open exclusively to students (full-time students) of all levels currently enrolled for SY 2013-2014.  […]

Model Portfolio: Kristine

Kristine has been one of those models I had the privilege of working with over the years each time she comes into Manila for a visit.  She is actually a […]

Because fun shoots are fun!

It’s been awhile since I’ve done something like this. Shooting for the sake of shooting. Not only it builds a portfolio, you could also practice some lighting theories outside the […]

Singapore and ICDS 2013

It’s an honor being invited once again to guest for the International Cosplay Day celebrations in Singapore. Each year the events grows bigger, and I hope this continues on. A […]

SDCC Day 0: Beach Shoot!

I know this is late, but just found the time to write about this one just this morning. Better late than… what? Pregnant? Hahaha.  Linda is such a trooper to […]

DPP Shutter Games

Attended the first-ever DPP Shutter Games at the Bayleaf Hotel last weekend thanks to the guys from Phottix.  From the lobby, it seemed rather quiant with a small table of […]

Canon EOS-M Firmware Update

I love my EOS-M, but like most users it was quite a frustration working with it’s strange AF logic. So when Canon finally released the firmware update, it was like a […]

18th Graphics Expo

The great guys from Canon Marketing Philippines asked me if I could give my cosplay photography talk during the 18th Graphics Expo in SMX last June 22.  Edwin Martinez, fellow […]

Canon ImageNation Launch

Just off the heels of Independence Day celebrations, Canon launched their ImageNation campaign at Rockwell Tent.  ImageNation is Canon’s commitment to giving back to the community through charity works and […]

WPPP 2013

Took some time this past weekend and dropped by the WPPP Exhibit in SM Megatrade Hall 3. I’m not into weddings (and I have great respect for wedding photographers who could […]

Phottix Studio Kit

Did a quick print-ad shoot for one of my sponsors, Phottix. The challenge here is to do a fashion shoot using only what you’d find in their studio kit. Showcase […]

Model Portfolio: Ems

Every now and then I love going back to a back-to-basics lighting setup. This was done with 1-2 strobe lights with the aid of gobos and reflectors. Sometimes, a one-light […]

Model Portfolio: Sara

I have this knack of shooting particular friends and models regularly over the years. It’s nostalgic endeavor in the making especially when you get to view them in a gallery.  […]

Comics and Advertising

If you guys happen to grab the current issue of Adobo Magazine, did the trendspotting feature there… well, featuring the folks of advertising doing comics!

Inspirational People

Something I just want to put out there. This is a list of creative people (not just photographers) whom I have always looked up to and been curious at how […]

DPP 7th Anniversary

I’m giving my cosplay photography talk and spilling the beans on how we came up with some of our images.  Would be up on stage with fellow Canon Brand Ambassadors […]

Nescafe and a Giant Robot

This is got to be one of the most hilarious projects I’ve ever worked on. Well, I just did the stills and print portion, but watching this being made was […]