Model Portfolio: Rachel

I still squeeze in a model portfolio shoot as much as I can in between paid jobs just to stretch the imagination a little bit. Of course I also made this as a personal commitment to provide content for my blog on a regular basis too. Rachel approached me via my FB page and was interested to collaborate with us. After an exchange of emails and matching schedules, I finally got her in the studio. 

She’s a regular gym rat, and it shows with her physique. These are the few times I get to see feminine curves and toned muscles in the same body (well, asides from my darling girlfriend of course, who is just as fit). It’s was to easy to work with her since I didn’t have to worry about having to “hide” anything.

I’m such a sucker for vintage / pin-up girl concepts, and it’s something I would never get tired of doing, next to cosplay. It’s sexy without having to be raunchy, and there is always a quirky undertone you could inject in the images when given the chance. 

I pushed the post-production a bit more and added an old paper texture underneath.

The main light is actually a strobe with a regular reflector, the same reflector that comes standard with most lights when bought as stock. All the rest of the soft boxes and reflectors are used as fills to counteract the shadows produced by this single main light source. Except for the strip softbox which is there to produce a soft-rimmed highlight.

The vignette and blurring effects were done in Photoshop.

Production Credits:

  • Make-up: Kiko Escobar
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Model: Rachel Annunziello

She is slated to leave the country soon, but I hope to get to work with her again before she does. 

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