The Jinri Experience 2: The Final Shoot

We did this shoot during the last week of the summer months (May) and we were blessed with perfect weather. The sun was just as intense, but I would prefer this over rain any day for the shoot. 

Thanks Ara for taking these behind the scenes shots.

Hannah and Jinri on the helipad near the pier.
And that’s the trusty crew of Jinri, Ara (make-up) and Hannah (styling)
A shot of Eagle Point Resort. They sponsored our stay and shoot for the weekend. Thanks so much guys!

Nature always provides the best light when you know how to harness it. I did bring lights, but ended up just leaving them in the hotel room with this kind of weather. All you would need are a set of reflectors, screens, flags and trusty assistants who know where to collect the light.

We took a boat to Sepoc Beach Center where we did the bulk of the shots.
One of my assistants Ramil, and his “blues brothers” sun glasses.

The weather was just amazing. I don’t mind shooting here all day actually. 
Jinri chilling in the hammock.

After Sepoc, we headed back to the main resort and finished the rest of the layouts there. It was leisurely pace, but also took notice of the sun that was quickly setting behind us.

I’ve been working on the 2nd book with Jinri for almost over a year now, and it’s a great feeling getting to finish all the shots over that weekend. Now it’s the arduous task of sifting through all the images and getting something together for the final book.

Special thanks to Eagle Point Resort for sponsoring our stay over the weekend. We recommend going there for your diving trips!

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