DPP Shutter Games

Attended the first-ever DPP Shutter Games at the Bayleaf Hotel last weekend thanks to the guys from Phottix

From the lobby, it seemed rather quiant with a small table of DPP on the side, but after getting out of the 3rd floor where the core of the event was happening, I was greeted with a swarm of photographers. Most of them were bee-lining to various rooms where brands such as Phottix, and Benro were holding various seminars and booth displays. 

My favorite bag brand, Crumpler was also at the scene.
Fellow Phottix Master Jay Jallorina presenting stuff on landscape photography

The stage is set for my Sheryl Nome cosplayer, Jessica.
Photographers gamely shooting Jessica in our “concert” stage setup 

DPP Publisher Nick Tuason going over the entries.
Edwin Martinez talking about time lapse photography

Good thing that Saturday was blessed with good weather, given we’re in the middle of the rainy season. Wasn’t able to stay up until the live judging that evening though, but I had a blast nonetheless. 

One thought on “DPP Shutter Games

  1. I was part of the DPP shutter Games, sir jay. We actually crossed paths that day. You came out of the Benro room and I was just outside waiting for my team mate. I got startstruck. Hehe. I wanted to get your autograph but was too startstruck. And you also looked busy. Hehe.

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