Singapore and ICDS 2013

It’s an honor being invited once again to guest for the International Cosplay Day celebrations in Singapore. Each year the events grows bigger, and I hope this continues on.

A day prior to the festivities, I had the chance to work with a cosplaying couple, Elina and Orvis on a cosplay shoot of Batman Beyond villains, particularly, Mr. Freeze and Inque. 

Both of them work at the props and costuming department in Universal Studios Singapore, and you could see it in the quality of the stuff they made for this shoot.

It was also cute to note, Ara’s niece Aia was also into cosplaying and attended the event as Ranka Lee. I did a couple of snaps of her in it as well during the shoot.

Orvis has an awesome Mr. Freeze costume! Retro-futuristic feel.
And finally Elina as Inque. Most of the material shots for her liquid form would be done in Manila.

That same evening, we head to the *SCAPE Warehouse and started setting up for the event. It was still quite a full day / night. We finished setup around 2AM.

Alodia prints for sale!
The usual banner. This has been around for quite awhile now, since ICDS 2012.
Team reunion! Gelo Lico came down from KL just to shoot and hang around with us.
Alodia signing at our table that afternoon.

What makes this event unique is their Cosplay Chess segment, which is personally the main come-on for this convention. It’s part chess game, part play, and all fun. Gives you the chance to see cosplayers “duel” is out on stage and stuff.

Alodia doing the awarding ceremonies for winning cosplayers.

We love Singapore food courts and hawker centers! When you’re in Singapore, skip the fancy places, trust me. The best stuff is found here. Had to catch up with Alodia over lunch the following day before my flight for Manila that afternoon.
She loves taking pictures of her food.

I’m so looking forward to next year’s convention.

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