Trial by Social Media

If you are reading this post, it means that a particular telco has finally paid me for a campaign I shot for them one (1) year ago. I am just writing things in hindsight.

The ad agency who got me for this has been extending its assistance in following-up with the client’s finance, but there is only so much they could do when the client is completely ignoring their emails and requests. It came to the point that I was already a bit embarrassed having to pressure them almost everyday to do something about it. I know this was extra routine that they obliged to do in my behalf. That I am extremely grateful for.

The day after I made the blatant FB post mentioning them, their finance department suddenly coughed up the needed PDF document. All because a higher-up was CCed into the email loop. I wonder how long it took them to produce that P.O. document (Minutes? Seconds?) vs. the procrastination we had to wait over (in months).

Did it have to take some form of Facebook cage-rattling before something gets done? I’m not so sure. I’m just a small voice in the huge world of social media, so I’m not even sure if companies like them would even listen to me.

Though, there might be some truth about companies such as this one being quite sensitive about their image (online or other-wise?). From hearsay, they even have software scouring over the social media spheres searching for keywords that might be related to them. I assume they watch it like a hawk in order to stomp out any PR incident sprouting to happen. The last thing they would want in their agenda is to firefight an anonymous social media guerrilla post trying to stain the “good” image of their company.

Then again, I’m not anonymous. I am putting my name out there so they know who is crying foul. Social media guerrilla? Perhaps given that I don’t have the resources for a more legitimate fight. A real claim to get paid for services? Hell yes. You could just look at the print-ad I helped make for them.

Would they get me still for another print-ad? I am not sure. There are so many other photographers out there whom they could abuse, and would remain complaining in silence. I felt if I didn’t voice out anything, it would have been long forgotten.

Why does it have to take something like a social media, and a public outcry before something happens? If they were just doing their jobs properly, then people wouldn’t need to resort to more drastic means to be heard.

I am not asking for any interest in payment, though perhaps in an ideal world I hope I was entitled to such. What I ask for is the rightful payment I deserve. The one written in my cost estimate and the one I would bill for.

In the interest of getting paid, I would like to write at this point that I have been compensated. This post won’t go up until I am anyway. But reality as it may, there’s nothing we could do about big companies such as this telco no matter how much rattling we do. Their procrastination won’t change. Instead of getting bitter at things, all you could do is just be “grateful” they even took the time to notice what they owe you. Unfair right? That’s life, deal with it.

I really don’t want to make make a big deal out of this, but this is a recurring trend in the industry, and I hope the powers-that-be would do something about it. Heck, there’s nothing wrong with dreaming right?

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