Candy Beauty Shots

It was one of those concepts I never get tired of revisiting. I’ve done this concept years ago, and wanted to revisit it again and see something has changed in the way we would approach the idea. 

You can’t find typical candy sprinkles in the supermarket, so I visited baking supplies such as Chocolate Lover (in Quezon City) or Gourdo’s in various malls. They have a long shelf life, so it would be wise to keep them in an airtight container (e.g. Lock and Lock boxes) with a dessicant. Maybe use them again in a future idea. As for the swirl lollipop and Lifesavers, they’re available in Candy Corner in most major malls. 

Lighting is very basic with one octobox flanked on the camera right, 45 degrees more or less to the model. The rest of the illumination is supported with styrofoam board reflectors on the left and under the model. There’s a softbox suspended via boom in the background to provide an even lighting for the paper background. 


Make-up: Ara Fernando
Model: Sel Guevara

Of course behind the scenes images provided by our make-up artist, Ara. 

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