Model Portfolio: Lani

This series contains more experiments with lighting using only a Mola Demi. The model’s placement against the background is up to your personal taste, depending on how much shadow you want to appear in the background. I wanted Lani close, hence the visible shadows appearing from her lower back. 

The little secret here is how the Mola is tilted so you get that right amount of light on her face without making it flat at the same time preventing shadows that’s caused by a Paramount overhead lighting placement. I used a boom on wheels for this one so I could move her and the lighting around as I saw fit while shooting. A paper background isn’t necessary, and honestly, I would rather shoot this against a white wall with texture. 

Make-up: Noel Flores
Hair: Ara Fernando
Styling: Hannah Kim
Model: Lani Pillinger

Make-up: Noel Flores
Hair: Ara Fernando
Model: Lani PillingerCheck out my youtube channel for your regular glimpse behind the scenes! While you’re at it, drop buy the online store and get goodies from your favorite models!

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