Model Portfolio: Apple

This was one shoot that happened out of serendipity. I was in between ad campaign jobs, and it so happened that one free day was sandwiched in between.  Apple messaged me out of the blue finding out if I was game to shoot. 

Over the years, there’s no place like shooting in Raffy’s house — which I personally refer to as Raffy’s last resort. Hehehe. It’s one house I would never get tired of shooting in. There is always some nook and cranny you’d get to re-explore. 

Did all of these edits in just a morning. There wasn’t much to work on except for color grading. So when I locked on one type of grading for a series, it was pretty much a “copy-paste” workflow from there. I did some slight experiments in the second and third sets though for the heck of it.

It was overcast for most part of the day, which gave a this bluish and spread out lighting texture. This scenario is a double-edged sword, but it turned out to be in our favor. Everything was shot in high ISO with at least 400. If I can’t get enough grains, I add some more in post production. I never left the F2.8 mark and went for very shallow DoF all the way.

Experimented with various color grading in post production just for the heck of it. I personally like the first one. 

The high-slit cheongsam was pleasant surprise Apple brought given my brief to her was the vintage Chinese look. Obviously I am still riding from that Wong Kar Wai shoot I did with Jinri for her calendar

Doing these natural setting shots is a step back from the heavy effects and post-production we usually do in cosplay.

Production Credits:
  • Make-up: Kiko Escobar
  • Styling: Model’s Own
  • Model: Apple Angeles Chan

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