Trese: High Tide at Midnight – A Fan Review

I recently got my own complimentary copy of Trese 6: High Tide at Midnight recently when dropped by Budjette’s office in BGC. 

I’m a huge fan of Trese. This is outside the fact that Budjette is a good friend and a contemporary in the industry. This is one local title that caught my imagination in such a long time. How they make use of local folklore and bringing it into modern times is its greatest appeal to me. The (scary) stories of aswang, dwendes, tikbalangs have been translated into the urban landscape. 

Trese, along with other millennial contemporary titles (e.g. Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah, Sky World etc…) gave a renewed interest in Philippine comics. It has evolved from your typical monthly issues back in the day to a more slick-looking graphic novel format. Nonetheless this reintroduces the “Komiks” to a younger generation who may have missed the golden age when the industry went zilch. 

From a case to case anthology, we’re now seeing longer narratives starting with Book 3 and 5, story arcs akin to most mainstream comics. I guess this was a necessary shift to show more growth with Alexandra and her exploits. A case-to-case approach wasn’t enough to introduce more complicated plot threads. By Book 6, she’s no longer alone as joined by self-proclaimed superhero Maliksi (a hunky Tikbalang) who has a crush on her, members of the Trese family and some “super” friends. You also would notice a larger undercurrent involvement of the “Madame” secretly pushing her own agenda. Whether she sides to good or evil remains to be ambiguous at this point. 

It is established that you have been reading the previous books to get an idea on the various myths and creatures going about the city. If you’re just picking up Trese now, I highly suggest brushing up on the hard bound compilation to get a sense of the world Alexandra is revolving in.

Noticeable with Book 6, mystery gives way to more action and you could feel the build-up to something big — like a final confrontation between Madame and Trese. The end just happens to be the start. Budjette always makes it a point to leave you on a cliffhanger. 

Just a little showcase of Trese-related cosplay shoots we did in the past. 

For as long as Budjette and Kajo chuck out more stories, Trese would be in my regular cosplay to-do list in the foreseeable future. 


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