Model Portfolio: Gabe

The awesome part with working in Penthouse Studio is the availability of various lighting scenarios inside and outside the actual shooting area. The sun was out so I took this chance to experiment on various lighting conditions with sunlight. 

The first image (two, if you count both color treatments) was done underneath a short roof ledge, giving an even light. It also helped that clouds gave a brief soft light for me to work with. It’s like having a huge softbox in the sky. No artificial lighting at least in my experience can replicate this sort of look. Timing is key when you’re after this look.

Opposite that is a red wall near the building stair case. For this scenario, we waited for strong sunlight to get that hard shadow against background. A reflector was optional (left image) if you want some bounce back.

We simply went back to the same wall afterwards, but had 2 styroboard reflectors underneath for a beauty shot.

Now this is something I got to pick up from fellow photographer Dix. Since Penthouse is his home studio, he has experimented with various iterations of natural light shots. His use of direct window light for a beauty shot is quite interesting. We placed a board-up behind Gabe and covered it with a matte black cloth. Styroboards are also optional for this effect, but it might leave the model with limited poses. I did two renders in colored and black and white for variety. 

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