Model Portfolio: Jinri

It’s been awhile since I got Jinri in front of the camera, so this was a reunion shoots of sorts. I got to bring back the original glam team for her as well.

We’re back in the studio for this session, and back to lighting basics. I was experimenting with the lights so much, I forgot most of their formations. The notable one though was the huge softbox (16 ft. in diameter) we placed on the side, and worked off the shadows and reflections from there. Given the light was all over the place, having styrofoam panels on the opposite side made a huge impact on the shadows and/or reflections. The studio had three (3) huge 8×4 ft. of them, and good enough that one side was painted black. Mix-matching the black and white panels gives you this play on producing harsher shadows then a bounce the next section.
The Asian-inspired set got us pleasantly surprised. As most of these shoots go, the final output doesn’t really end up like the inspiration. We get to inject our creative takes on the pegs and come up with something unique in the end. You gotta hand it to Jinri, she does her research beforehand and actually provided a good number of the pegs we got ideas from. When you have a model like that, there’s no other choice but to up your game.

This obi-on-kimono is another play on a previous shoot we did shooting on-location. The obi was reversible, and having the other side gave us a chance to re-style it anew.

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Post-mortem after the shoot, wished she had longer nails and red polish. Hehehe.

Thanks to the coaches at Ultimate Fitness, Jinri was more than proud to show off her curves for this shoot.

Production Credits
  • Make-up: Ara Fernando
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Model: Jinri Park


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