Model Portfolio: Rebecca

Rebecca came into town for a bikini safari shoot, so I thought of hitting her up for a shoot while she was still in Manila. We did a couple of sets over a span of a week. This is the first of several.

I bought her to my usual stomping ground, but worked on an area we seldom used. The garden area was quite the challenge to do because light was harsh and all over the place. It just so happens we were having some weird weather shifts from sunny to overcast to rainy, giving us a small window of soft outdoor lighting every now and then.

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Most of the shots were done with natural light, save for this one on top where I placed a strobe behind the hedge as an experiment. I was toying around with elements / double framing using the hedge and topiary as natural guides. As for color treatment, I was back to doing those not-so vintage retro looks.

The styling concept for this was cut across the board ranging from a sexy casual farmer-esque overall, to a Breakfast-at-Tiffany’s lingerie version. By the time we were doing the last black layout, rain clouds were already looming overhead and I forced some of the shots despite the drizzle. We had to cut the shoot when the rain got stronger. Though we were still happy with the results.

Production Credits
  • Make-up: Jet Babas
  • Styling: Hannah Kim
  • Model: Rebecca Boggiano

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