Model Portfolio: Bianca

My shoots with Bianca have spanned almost seven years now, and I just never get tired working with her. She always exudes this particularly awkward yet hipster class in all the shots we do. She makes awkward look pretty.

We never really have solid concepts prior to shoots. Everything is just done on the fly, or whatever she gets to pull out from her closest that morning. She is of the creative type, versed in graphic design, styling and even shoe designing… so picking her head is quite an interesting conversation before we even click the shutter. The location just happens to be her home, which makes things convenient too.

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Lighting wise, this is a mixture of natural light and one (1) strobe placed outside the window. The immediate cheat I employed is using the white curtains as diffuser to spread the light around and give that “natural-looking” window light coming into the house. It was just up to a reflector to bring back the backlight on Bianca so she wouldn’t be too underexposed. The positioning of the reflector is key so you get that proper midtone amidst the strong highlights you’d get from the back.

The double-exposure effect was done in post.

We did the last set with the textured wall in her dining area. This was just lit up with one beauty dish placed behind me to spread the light and give a sharper shadow profile since she’s backed up against the wall.

Production Credits
  • Make-up: Jet Babas
  • Styling: Model’s Own
  • Model: Bianca Mabanta

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